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 At Hay Days, there are hundreds of dealers specializing in all things motorsports; from performance clutch setups to new snowmobiles to trailers to mountain extreme riding videos, it is all here…and everything in-between! An event of this magnitude wouldn’t be complete without the four major manufacturers: Polaris, Yamaha, Arctic Cat, and Ski Doo. If you're wondering if a specific dealer/vendor is here, check back on this page in mid-August for the finalized dealer list.


(if you are interested in becoming a NEW Dealer at Haydays, please scroll to the bottom of this page for the Waiting List information)

Complete List of Dealers HERE

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2018 Vendor Payments  

If you had a Dealer Site at Haydays in 2017, you can start registering and pay for your site starting April 2nd. All sites must be paid for in full by June 1st. If your site(s) payment is not received in full by June 1st, a $50 late fee will apply.  If your site(s) payment is not received in full by June 15th, your site will be considered available to fill by someone else. For 2018 payment ID code and site location change requests, email vendors@haydays.com   When requesting your 2018 payment ID code, please include your 2017 site # and the name of the business that the site was registered under.

NEW Notes for 2018!: 


IF you would like any other surface to be established on your site, you must use the official Haydays contractor, Kevin Gustafson (651-674-7430).  Please make arrangements with him directly.

2.  NO Leaving Early on Sunday!  Haydays officially runs until 5pm on Sunday, every year.  If you vacate your Dealer site before 3pm on Sunday, you will not be asked to return the following year. 

Vendor Set-up & Check-in

 * Set up begins on Tuesday, Sept 4th and should be completed by Thursday Sept 6th.  All Tents and Large Trailers must be in place.  Arrival Friday Sept 7th is not recommended.  (You are welcome to have your tent set up prior to your arrival, or drop your trailer off within your site earlier in the week, and then arrive on Friday to complete your set up)

 * When you first arrive at HayDays, stop at the Dealer Booth to check in (Enter at Gate 2 from Hwy 70; stop at booth next to the Sno Baron's Clubhouse [the barn]).  You will receive your Dealer Packet (which includes wristbands, parking info, etc.)  It is your responsibility to pick up your packet - and distribute your wristbands to your staff.  Be sure to bring your insurance liability information if you did not mail it in beforehand.

Dealer Check-In Booth Hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 7:00am - 7:30pm

Dealer Check-In should be completed by Friday afternoon - but if you have any last minute needs (like extra dealer wristbands for your booth staff), then our Dealer Booth will be open limited hours during the event:

Saturday: 7:00am - 10:00am
Sunday: 7:00am - 10:00am


  • SITE WORK: you must use the Hay Days contractor, all others will be asked to leave and you will be responsible for paying their bill.  Site Contractor:  Kevin Gustafson Excavating 651-674-7430.
  • TENTS: If you are sending a tent company to put up your tent before you arrive, you MUST give them your site # and the name the site was registered under.  The tent company must also understand the site boundary markers (the red and yellow plates staked into the ground).  All tents must be up BEFORE Friday, Sept 8th.
  •  WOODCHIPS:  Mulch/woodchips are NO LONGER ALLOWED on Dealer sites!
  • JUMBOTRON: Advertising space rental, contact Fireupvideo or  call (844)533-8848

DEALER: Any person or group involved in a business where buying and selling is the purpose of the enterprise.     

SWAPPER: A Private Non-Commercial individual(s) engaged in selling used equipment and merchandise.

Any Dealer who has misrepresented their activities to falsely gain admittance to the SWAP AREA will be asked to leave with forfeiture of all admittance fees.



Information on becoming a NEW Dealer at Haydays:  If you were NOT a dealer in 2017 and would like to be on the dealer waiting list, feel free to fill out the contact information below AND include the major items and brands that you are selling.


  • There are NO 10'x10' Dealer sites at Haydays.  Sites in the Dealer area are a minimum of 25'x25, and start at $325.  (there are smaller spaces in Club Row.  If you are representing your local Snowmobile Club, please contact Club Row for a space in Club Row)
  • The Dealer area is NOT first come, first serve.  All existing Haydays Dealers are guaranteed their same site each year, unless they choose not to return, or do not pay on time (by June 1 each year).  As a result, the Dealer area stays full most of the time, and IF there are openings, we will then use this waiting list to fill the sites (starting June 2 each year).

Waiting list selection criteria:

  • We start with who has been waiting the longest, and review their business (what is being sold or what the service is). Please keep in mind that many businesses have been on the waiting list more than a year.
  • We look for businesses that are providing something DIFFERENT to Haydays. When people come to our event each year, they want to see what's new - so please let us know if you have anything new or different to offer.
  • If you don't have something unique, you could still be a contender - since another thing we look at is saturation at the event.  Do we have a ton of people selling the same thing?  Or are there just not enough of something?  If we don't have any, or not many, of a particular something - we may need what you have!  (this year we seem to have an excess of dealers selling apparel/clothing)
  • Above all, consider the demographic of Haydays.  Even though a wide variety of people attend, the biggest draw is for young males (18-34).  If your product or service doesn't appeal to them, you may not make enough to cover the cost of the site itself.  (We want all of the Dealers at Haydays to be successful - so we just want to put that out there so you don't end up spending more than you make!)

If you feel that your business would be a great addition to the Haydays experience, then please fill out the waiting list form below.  (You will not get an immediate reply, but be assured that your request will be logged for consideration)  If space does become available, you will be contacted by EMAIL during the summer of 2018.  Thanks!

Please do NOT use the form if you are an existing Dealer with any questions.  Please use email.  [Note: Do not use the form below for questions regarding swap. They will not be answered.]

To be fair to all new businesses, EVERYONE must start by filling out the form below to be considered for a Dealer site at Haydays. (no matter who you know!)viphaays@yahoo.com


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