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Swap Sellers

 UPDATE: Swap Sales for 2019 will start June 10th, 10AM Central time. For technical reasons we had to delay the start. Apologies for any inconvenience.

2019 Updates

  • RV Permits $150
  • Swap Spaces $40
  • Swap gate entry will close at 11pm Friday.
  • Prior to 3pm on Friday, turning off Hwy 95 onto Oriole (County 70), will not be allowed. Please follow the roadside signs for swap entry
  • Reminder: No guarantee of a right side aisle space for your RV/camper. We have limited availability and heavy demand
  • Reminder: Swap Licenses will be mailed out in late August/early September. These contain your order information and must be presented for admittance to the swap grounds.
  • Reminder: There are no spectator gates open Friday. If part of your swap party is arriving later on foot (ie. parking off site), you must meet them at the Swap Gate entry to vouch for them. Parking overnight is usually available at the lot south of the site, Racers Edge and Chicken Coop. See the parking MAP

There is NO holding area for swap entry. The gate will open Friday morning. Do not arrive Thursday as the gates will be locked and the police will turn you away. Overnight waiting on the highway is not allowed.


 Generator Exhaust

All RV's and campers running a gas/diesel/kerosene generator or idling engines will be required to to use a Generator Exhaust Adapter System that will vent the exhaust at roof level or higher of the RV. These can be purchased or made for a nominal price at places such as Amazon, WalMart, RV dealers and so forth. Examples of the systems can be seen HERE and HERE.
You will be required to show your kit at the Swap Gate when checking in. This is a mandatory requirement per the MN Department of Health. Failure to comply with this condition may delay your entry and/or result in being located in a less desirable area of the swap grounds.

While stand alone/portable generators are not required to have the exhaust kits mentioned above, they will be required to be spaced a MINIMUM of 7' from any type of sleeping quarters, be it a camper, tent, truck, trailer, ground,  etc. This is a mandatory requirement per the MN Department of Health. The 7' spacing applies in all directions, including the row behind your space.



Purchasing Rules

Swap spaces are 20' long x 19' wide. Price is $40 per 20' space, two space minimum. All swappers must purchase weekend (2-day) admission wrist band, either when ordering swap space or at the gate when checking in. Please read the rules below carefully prior to purchasing. Then click the link at the bottom to proceed. Be sure to read the rules regarding RVs, campers and generators.

All RV's, motor homes, camper trailers, toy haulers, 5th wheel campers, goose neck campers, fish house (Ice Castle, etc) and similar will be required to purchase a RV/Camper Permit for entry. The only exception to this is popup camper trailers under 10' in length and pickup bed campers. This fee is in addition to the required swap space to fit the RV vehicle in. Failure to purchase this permit may delay your entry and you will be required to buy it at check-in. 


  • All Swappers must register on-line.
    All swappers entering on Friday must have a Swap License purchased on-line or you will be turned away. Your Swap License is good for both days. Your vehicle will be specially marked to indicate you are a swapper. After purchasing on-line, Swap Licenses will be mailed out beginning in late-August. Your Swap License is your order.

  • Each vehicle must have a two site minimum.
    No sharing of sites with multiple vehicles and/or trailers. Example: 3 spots for two vehicles. Each vehicle and trailer will be required to purchase the minimum of 2-20 foot spots, no exceptions! No side by side parking of vehicles within a swap space Be sure that your vehicle & trailer fit along with enough area to set your items out for display. Your tow vehicle and trailer MUST fit in your purchased space, regardless if you are only dropping off the trailer Friday night and returning Saturday morning. You will be measured before entering into swap.

  • You can order your Swap License two ways
    • Individual Swapper: Each vehicle and trailer will be required to purchase the minimum of 2-20 foot spots, no exceptions. Please measure your setup prior to purchasing. If you have rear doors that need to be opened or a ramp to extend, do not forget to account for that space.
    • Group of Swappers: One person purchases up to 20 swap spaces for a group. Each vehicle in the group will be required to have the minimum of 2 swap space licenses (i.e. 40 feet) of the 20 swap license order limit. The minimum Swap License ratio per vehicle will be strictly enforced at the swap gate. You may share space within your group provided each vehicle has purchased the minimum of 2 spaces. If you are in a group, all members of the group must be in line and enter at the same time. No delayed entry. No refund if some of your group is not there at the time of your entry.

  • Wristband Vouchers sold on-line with Swap Sites
    2 day wristband vouchers will be sold on-line in addition to the swap license - $30.00 for a 2 day band. Additional wrist bands may be purchased when entering the swap gate. NOTE: Swappers parking outside the grounds and arriving later in the day without the Swap License holder will need to have the holder meet them at the swap gate when purchasing additional wrist bands on Friday.
  • All swap license holders must arrive on Friday.
    Gates will open early to mid Friday morning depending on traffic and close at 11pm. Swappers arriving after that time will have to wait until Saturday evening to be parked. Swappers will still be parked on a first come, first served basis. (Follow Twitter feeds for gate opening updates.)
    There is no parking of swap spots on Saturday morning.


  • Additional space can only be purchased on-line.
    Plan accordingly, measure correctly. If you need an additional space for setting your items out, opening a rear trailer door, lowering a ramp, etc, now is the time to get that space. If you need to purchase that extra space the day of entry, you will pay a penalty to get it and entry may be delayed.
  • Penalty for vehicles that exceed size purchased
    We will measure your vehicle and trailer prior to entering and you must fit in your Licensed Swap Space. Vehicles that exceed the size of the swap spot purchased will have to wait until all other swappers are parked before they will be allowed to park. Then if we then have space to accommodate you there will be a $100.00 penalty plus the cost of the additional space. Size matters! Plan accordingly!
  • Vehicles must have swap items.
    No vehicles of any kind will be allowed into the swap area without swap items or a trailer with swap items to sell. Vehicles that have a Swap License, but no obvious swap items to sell will be parked in a designated area. No single cars will be admitted without swap items to sell. 



Commercial Dealers in Swap
Dealers wishing to sell at Hay Days must purchase a dealer or contingency site through the appropriate coordinators only.

Any dealer selling under false representation may be asked to leave with forfeiture of all admittance fees.

Swap Grounds Rules

These rules will be strictly enforced


It is a condition of receiving your swap spot license that you will observe and follow these Rules and Regulations. These rules will be strictly enforced by the Sno Barons and the Chisago County Sheriff's Department. Violation of any of these rules will result in your immediate expulsion from the swap spot and event grounds and the forfeiture of any license fee and admission paid.


  • Your vehicle and trailer must fit within your site without unhooking. No side by side parking
  • Riding or operation of any unauthorized vehicle is prohibited anywhere on the Haydays grounds.

  • Swappers must stay within their swap site or leave the grounds Friday and Saturday night. No roaming around, especially in the dealers area. The POLICE and Security personnel have orders to remove individuals found in the dealer area from the Haydays event.

  • Vehicles are not allowed to leave their swap spots until after 6:00 PM Saturday.

  • You may leave the Haydays grounds but you must return by 11pm on Friday or 10:00 PM Saturday. After that time the gates are closed and there will be no re-entry until the next morning.

  • If you leave overnight with your vehicle, it must be back on your site by 6:30 AM Saturday, 8:00 AM Sunday, or it will not be allowed back into the swap area.

  • You may stay in your vehicle overnight on the grounds

  • Guns are not allowed on the event grounds.

  • No open fires or charcoal grills allowed. (You are in a dry hayfield)

  • No selling or collecting of donations for food and beverages. Violation of this can lead to removal from the Event.

  • A 16 foot fire lane will be strictly enforced within the swap area. No tents, pop-ups or sale items are allowed in the fire lane.

  • No pets allowed. Service animals only.

  • Quiet time is 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. Loud stereos or radios are not allowed at any time.

  • Fighting and disorderly conduct are not allowed.


Parking is on a first come, first served basis. There is no guarantee where you will be parked nor on which side of the aisle. There is often more right side demand than available and you may end up being parked on a left side if space has filled up


The Sno-Barons Snowmobile Club Inc. assumes no liability for lost or stolen items or personal injury. You agree to assume full responsibility for your snowmobiles, vehicles and other personal property and the snowmobiles, vehicles and other personal property of your employees, agents and invitees, including the contents of any of those vehicles. You waive all claims against the Sno-Barons, its agents, servants or employees for loss, theft or damage to property and for injuries to persons in, on or about the Swap Spot, Swap Meet or Event Grounds, and you will indemnify, defend and hold the Sno-Barons, its agents, servants and employees harmless from any damage or injury to any person, or to the vehicles, property, goods, wares and merchandise of any person, arising from your use of the Swap Spot, your agents, servants, employees, contractors, and invitees.

All property belonging to you or any user of the Swap Spot is at the Swap Meet at your sole risk or that of any other person, and except for the deliberate act of the Sno-Barons or its agents or employees, the Sno-Barons and its agents or employees will not be liable for injury to persons or damage to, theft of or misappropriation of any property by any means. You will give prompt notice to the Sno-Barons in case of any injury, damage, theft, or misappropriation. In case any action or proceeding is brought against the Sno-Barons because of any of your obligations under the terms of your License or arising from any of your acts or negligence, or of your agents or employees, you are on notice from the Sno-Barons that you must defend the cause at your expense by counsel reasonably satisfactory to the Sno-Barons.




Clicking this link denotes acceptance of all terms and conditions above and enables you to purchase your Swap Space(s)
and acknowledges the RV/Motorhome exhaust requirement and  RV/Motorhome/Camper permit


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