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For those that have never been to our swap event before, you will be coming to the quite possibly the largest snowmobile and power motorsports related swap event in the world. With over 30 acres and literally thousands of sellers from across the country and even Canada, if you can't find it here, odds are you won't be able to find it anywhere else. Haydays swap is also especially known for many of the unique items that one may stumble across.
If interested in purchasing a swap spot, please click here.


Tips for Spectators

  • Wear comfortable shoes! You can probably walk all day and not see it all.
  • Cash talks when negotiating deals.
  • A wagon makes a great tool for hauling around items.
  • Backpacks can be very handy for smaller items.
  • Wild River Snowmobile Club will assist in hauling out your newly purchased goodies to designated drop off spots (one each in the west, east and north parking lots). Look for the large balloon in the sky near center of grounds to request their assistance. Drive up loading ramps are also available at drop off spots to ease loading into back of pickup trucks.
  • Spectator gates open each morning at 7am and swap ends 5pm.
  • Buyers need to ensure that their purchases are not stolen or of questionable origin. You may be able to ask the Chisago County Sheriffs who are located around the grounds to verify that  the serial number does not belong to a stolen vehicle. The Chisago County Sheriffs department will be spot checking sleds leaving the grounds
  • Buyers should also beware of giving a seller the full amount or putting down a large deposit in cash and leaving the site/seller to find a way to haul your purchase out. You may return to an empty spot.
  • Ask sellers for ID if you are leaving partial payments and returning later to pick up your item
  • GPS Coordinates of the rows are available to DOWNLOAD
  • No pets allowed. Service animals only.
  • Bicycles are not allowed.
  • You cannot drive your newly purchased snowmobile, ATV, etc anywhere on the grounds.
  • Guns are not allowed on the event grounds.



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