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Sno Barons’ Raffle Offers a No Risk Fundraiser for Your Club or Organization

As they have in the past several years the Sno-Barons are once again offering the “no risk raffle ticket sales drive” as a fundraiser for MnUSA clubs and other organizations.  Due to the generosity of the snowmobile manufacturers and the Sno-Barons, the raffle program has four premium quality prizes.

                Selling raffle tickets is not always easy, but with four chances to win a top-line sled for $1.00, selling tickets should be much easier.  But the best part of this raffle is the opportunity for club members to earn money for their club or association without bearing the cost and risk of obtaining the prizes.  The only cost to your club is 15% of your total ticket sales proceeds (plus postage if that is involved).

                The program is extremely simple.  The Sno-Barons have the tickets for the raffle printed and ready to go.  Clubs interested in raising funds for their organization by selling tickets need only contact Keri Seviola – 612-916-6816 or email raffle@snobarons.com to obtain tickets.  She will mail them to you at your expense or make other arrangements to get them to you.

                Organizations have been very successful raising funds with this raffle program.  Remember your group makes 85 percent of the sales and with four sleds as prizes, selling should be easier than ever!  Ticket sales can continue until the last week of August.  Any unsold tickets and sales proceeds (Check, cashier’s check or money order only) need to be returned to Keri Seviola on or before August 31, 2015.  The winner need not be present to win!

The raffle is organized so the first name pulled has their choice of the four sleds, the second name pulled would have their choice of the three remaining sleds, the third name pulled would again have their choice of the two remaining sleds and the last name pulled gets the last sled!  Arrangements will be made after the drawings are completed for the winners to pick up their prizes.

Approximately six weeks after the race, the Sno-Barons will send the participating organizations a check minus the 15% and the postage cost if involved.  Example:  If your club took 2,000 tickets and sold 1,800 and $5.80 was spent on postage, the Sno-Barons will send a check for $1,524.20.  This is a terrific no-risk fundraiser every club should consider participating in this year.  If you have any questions, please call Keri Seviola at 612-916-6816 (cell) or send an email to raffle@snobarons.com.  Information about the raffle is also available on the MnUSA website.

Snowmobile clubs participating in this fundraiser must have 100% membership belonging to MnUSA.  Organizations that are not a snowmobile club must join MnUSA as an associate member and the $50.00 membership fee will be deducted from your sales.              


Kids Hay Days Raffle

Not part of the raffle, the Sno-Barons are sponsoring another giveaway at Haydays.  Three 120 sleds – a Arctic Cat 120, a Polaris 120, a Yamaha 120 and one Can-Am Youth ATV  will be given to four children (12) years and younger.  The child cannot be (13) on or before September 10, 2017.

Each child attending the race can obtain a FREE registered ticket at the MnUSA booth for the drawing.  The child need not be present for the drawing to win.  The winners will have to provide a copy of their birth certificate when they pick up their sled at the dealer.


Don’t miss the sheer exhilaration of top motor sport jumpers in the United States. 

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